Covid-19 Update and Precautions

Our Covid-19 Response

Coronavirus Protective Measures

Scrubily has always taken its role in contributing to public health seriously. We see ourselves as the first line of defense against acquired illnesses. Our approach to cleaning is designed to produce the best outcomes for all stakeholders with a special emphasis on the safety and health of our team members and the clients we serve.

Our cleaning teams are trained to meet Scrubily’s high standards of cleaning. Every year we take special care to minimize the risks associated with cold and flu season. Keeping your home clean is one of the most important things we can do to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like the flu or the new coronavirus. Scrubily is a leader in the house cleaning industry in developing and implementing cleaning processes that carefully remove harmful matter from the home and dispose of it in a responsible manner, minimizing any chance of cross contamination. As part of our normal cleaning procedure we use a number of tools and products to protect the health of your home and family.

For example, we use Perfect CLEAN microfiber wipes and mops. These are hospital grade cleaning tools that remove organic matter from surfaces and hold it until laundering, unlike many other cleaning cloths that just smear organic matter around or redeposit it to other surfaces, which leads to cross contamination. PerfectCLEAN microfiber is made with a patented antimicrobial technology that kills germs the cloth captures and further reduces the chance of cross contamination. These cloths are color-coded to ensure that cloths used in bathrooms are not used in other rooms of the house. All used cloths are bagged and returned to our office for laundering. We only bring freshly laundered cloths into your home.

Our cleaning agents are both effective and safe for your family and the environment. We use a germicide that has been proven to kill virus’ including MRSA and SARS.

This year, the coronavirus poses an additional challenge we must manage. There is much we still do not know about this virus, but what we do know is that the same measures used to reduce the spread of the cold and flu are the best steps to take to protect ourselves from the coronavirus.

In light of health concerns related to coronavirus, Scrubily is taking additional measures throughout our business:

  • Our team members will wear gloves while cleaning your home. While the masks are recommended only for the ill, we will be wearing them to protect YOU.
  • We are providing additional supplies of hand sanitizer in addition to washing their hands with soap.
  • We have modified our policies during this time to encourage team members to stay at home if they exhibit any symptoms of the virus. Since our teams meet at the office each morning, we check with every team member’s temperature to make sure they are well.
    Our cleaning teams will be placing a special emphasis on sanitizing and disinfecting high touch surfaces, including:
  • Toilet handles, seats and lids
  • Handles of cupboards, microwaves, ovens and refrigerators
  • Door knobs
  • Light switches
  • Handrails

We train our team members and encourage our clients to use best practices to reduce the chance of spreading infection, including:

  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water using a method that removes soil from all parts of the hand, which takes 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol and use it frequently.
  • Keep hands away from mouth, nose and eyes – that is how most people get the virus.
  • Cover mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing.

We ask that if any client has a household member who is exhibiting flu like symptoms to please notify our office so we can reschedule cleanings until they are well. There will be no cancellation fees for illness related cancellations. Also, all clients need to practice social distancing while we are cleaning. Going into a different room than our cleaners are in would be great.

Scrubily is actively monitoring these fast-moving developments and will do whatever is necessary to protect our clients and team members. We will provide additional information as circumstances dictate

Protecting Your Family in More Than One Way

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