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Quick Tips For Keeping a Tidy Home

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Do you ever go through spurts of cleaning and tidying? You’re ready to get your house picture perfect. You do a sweep of the house and everything is finally in its place. We tidy up our space and then at some point the tidiness escapes us. For many of us, this cycle is on repeat. A few weeks later, you find yourself going through the motions again.

So how can we keep a tidy space? Admittedly it would be nice to not have a care in the world if a friend drops by unannounced because your space is already tidy. So I’ve put together four simple tips for you to get a tidy home and, most importantly, keep it that way.

Start With a Clean Slate

It’s often much easier to keep something going than it is to start. We dread starting, but in the end, that’s the hardest part. Even if you start with a room each day, tidy up each room and style it. Untidiness breeds untidiness. Why would you ever be motivated to tidy if it never actually meant your space as a whole was tidy? We exert effort with an end goal in mind. Seeing your home in its ideal state will motivate you to keep tidy and not mess up the perfection.

Pick Up as You Go

Yes, this is the same as your mother’s age-old advice. The easiest way to keep the clean slate you created is to form a habit of picking up after yourself. I call this the one-touch rule. If you come home from work and change clothes, where do those clothes (immediately) go? If you’re doing meal prep and you’re done with your knife, don’t put it in the sink, to then later put it in the dishwasher. If you can take five seconds now, do it now instead of waiting.

Hit the Hot Spots

Every room has a hot spot. Depending on our habits, they might vary slightly. A hot spot is an area of a room where the tidiness, or lack thereof, makes a world of difference. It could be a tidy entry or a made bed; in the kitchen, it could be clear counters and an empty sink; in a living space, it’s cleared off tabletops and styled sofas. If these things aren’t done, the entire room won’t feel right. So if you’re pinched for time, these high-impact spots are the spots to hit.

Set a Routine

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stick to a routine for your home. At the end of the day we can press refresh and wake up to a mess free home. After dinner, clean the kitchen. Have a schedule for your laundry. Take 15 minutes before bed to pick up anything that’s out of place. We get ourselves into trouble when we put it off and think, “oh I can do that later.”

As the clutter piles up, the to do list gets longer, and we dread tackling it. Then, we have to go back to the first tip and create a blank slate. Don’t do that to yourself! These daily rituals allow us to keep our space completely picked up even when we get busy throughout the day and leave our clothes on the bathroom floor and our dishes in the sink. source: theeverygirl.com

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When you hire a maid cleaning service, you’re not just buying a clean living room, bathroom or kitchen. You’re buying time. You’re buying piece of mind. You’re buying experts who know how to get the job done.

Benefits of Hiring a Chesterfield MO Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service Chesterfield MOMaids Have A Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Most homeowners have a schedule for work, kids, dinners, cleaning and an abundance of other activities. However, more often than not, life gets in the way and certain dilemmas come up. As you probably know first-hand, cleaning the house usually gets pushed to the side.

If you hire a maid cleaning service, you’re hiring a consistent cleaning schedule done by someone else. Life can’t get in the way. Whether it’s once a week of once a month, you know your house will be cleaned because you hired a maid.

You’re Hiring Experts

Just like a roofer or an electrician, you’re hiring an expert in the field. They know how to remove tough stains or funky smells. As with all home jobs, go over the specifics with the maid or group of cleaners before they start the work to make sure they can handle what you’re asking. Similar to a carpet cleaning professional, you want to make sure they know how to get the job done right.

You’re Buying Free Time

The No. 1 reason homes get dirty is lack of attention. Besides life getting in the way, many homeowners don’t like to clean. After a long day of work, who could blame you? Hiring a maid cleaning service buys you free time with the family. It buys you alone time. It buys you piece of mind knowing you have professionals cleaning your house as often and efficiently as possible.

You Never Have to Clean A Toilet Again

On top of laziness, homeowners “ignore” certain areas of the home, like the bathroom, because they don’t like scrubbing floors or toilets. To be honest, there are some jobs, like reaching in vents or cleaning the attic, that homeowners don’t have a stomach for. source: improvenet.org

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Creve Coeur Maid Services

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Creve Coeur Maid ServicesOwning a home is a huge step for any adult or family, and if you’re a homeowner or an apartment renter, chances are you spend a lot of money each month to stay in your home.

Even if you own your home and don’t pay rent, chances are you still have to work hard to survive, and working hard can mean you have little money for things, especially if you’re a young adult trying to get by just after college or high school.

Houses get messy. Whether you have a home, apartment, or town home, your place will undoubtedly get messy. Of course, living with others, especially children, can worsen the mess. Pets, like dogs or cats, can also create a mess.

And whether you’re a single or double income household, chances are you’d rather have more time for family, friends, and yourself than spending it all cleaning up messes.

Average adults spend 1-2 hours per day cleaning, and if you work an 8 hour day, that can add up and leave you with no time for yourself or your favorite activities, which can exponentially decrease your quality of life and overall happiness and health.


Hiring a maid service can help you find more free time to do what you love to do. While it’s still good to keep things off the floor, to make room for the maid to work, having a maid come into your home to take care of your dusting, sweeping, mopping, and other time consuming activities, can save you time and energy, and also prevent your house from becoming home to bacteria, mold, and dust.

Dust allergies are a hard thing to live with, and anyone who has those allergies themselves, or has a child or spouse that suffers with them, can understand how hard it is to keep your house free of dust, and how crucial cleaning is to prevent a reaction. Hiring a maid service can give you the professional help you need to prevent yourself from falling behind on dusting.

The professional maids that we provide can be scheduled as frequently or infrequently as you need to keep on top of the dust in your home.

Having a maid service, when you have small children, can also help you focus on them with all of the love and support they need. Allowing a maid to help you with the cleaning can leave you with a lot more time to spend with your children, and their formative memories will be filled with love and attention, instead of watching you clean the house. source: maidcomplete.com

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Fenton MO House MaidsFenton MO House Maids – Scrubily (636) 326-2532

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10 Cleaning Habits to Blame for Your Messy Home

Everybody seems to have a different recommendation for how to clean each surface in the house… but not all of these cleaning habits do what their proponents claim. Many materials require specific cleansers, and using the wrong one may render your efforts useless

  1. Replacing Disinfectant with Vinegar

    Vinegar is an effective cleaner, busting through grease and creating a wonderfully inhospitable environment for some bacteria. But vinegar won’t prevent the spread of certain persistent germs like the flu virus, so be sure to use a home cleaning solution that is labeled as a disinfectant every now and then during flu season.

  2. Using Bleach for Everything

    Conversely, bleach is a very effective disinfectant, but it may not be a successful general cleaner. To actually lift dirt, mildew, and residue from a surface, scrub and rinse the area before applying bleach. Bleach may also be too harsh for certain surfaces like granite or marble.

  3. Mixing Ammonia with Other Cleaners

    Ammonia is considered to be less harmful to the environment than bleach, and it can be found in many household cleaners, but mixing ammonia-based cleaners with bleach can be dangerous. Likewise, using ammonia straight is not advisable. Instead, it should be diluted and used in a well-ventilated area. Better yet, avoid using ammonia altogether, especially if you have any type of respiratory disorder.

  4. Ignoring Floor Finishes

    We’ve all heard that the type of wood floor you have determines the cleaner that’s required. That’s not entirely true— what really matters is your floor’s finish. Find out what type of finish is on your floors before you clean, or you could end up damaging them. Surface-sealed floors can be swept and then mopped with a gentle pH-balanced cleaner. Untreated or oil-treated floors should be coddled, simply wiped with a damp rag when necessary and protected with a liquid or paste wax.

  5. Cleaning Pet Accidents with Vinegar

    When Fido has an accident on the carpet, it’s important to act fast to avoid stains and odors. Diluted vinegar is a green cleaning method that’s gained in popularity, but if you’d rather not contend with the pungent smell of vinegar on top of everything else, opt for a commercial pet stain remover instead.

  6. Skimping on the Vacuum

    Take note, wary vacuumers! Contrary to popular belief, frequent vacuuming does not ruin carpets and rugs. In fact, it can extend the life of your carpet by removing dirt and debris that would otherwise become ground into the fibers. Dirt is abrasive and will ultimately damage the rug more than any vacuum would.

  7. Confusing Disinfectant with Sanitizer

    Many people confuse sanitizing with disinfecting and therefore end up using cleaning products incorrectly. Here’s the difference: To be labeled a sanitizer, a solution must kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in 30 seconds, while disinfectants must kill all organisms within 10 minutes. You should use a sanitizer to clean anything that comes into contact with food, while a disinfectant is more appropriate for cleaning the toilet.

  8. Avoiding the Hot-Water Cycle

    It is true that setting your washing machine to the cold cycle saves money and energy, but cold water is less effective at destroying viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Choose hot water when washing sheets and towels to kick up your cleaning power. And if family members are sick, be sure to wash their clothing in hot water too. Drying laundry on high heat will further protect against germs. source: bobvila.com

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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Cleaning Wrong

House Cleaning Ladue MOCleaning your house is an emotional roller coaster — you want to clean it, you procrastinate, you finally clean it and then your house is dirty again. But if you’re not cleaning your house correctly, certain items stay dirty and that can be bad for your health.

We want you to stay healthy. So we’ve rounded up some of the best advice we’ve ever heard on how to clean the stuff in your home — from the bedroom to the bathroom and beyond.

Even though your shower is sparkling and your toilet bowl looks impeccable, there’s one area you’re probably missing, and that’s the back of your toilet. Though it’s hard to see, it’s easy for urine and fecal matter to build up there, leaving a residue that’s both gross and tough to clean. Try this HuffPost hack from author Jolie Kerr: Roll up a few paper towels like a cigar, soaking them in a bathroom cleaner and “floss” the area until it’s spick-and-span.

2. Garbage disposals
Though you might be convinced your kitchen garbage disposal gets rid of all the food you throw down there everyday, it’s important to clean the (likely smelly) disposal once a week. Instead of using a store-bought sink cleaner, using homemade white vinegar ice cubes (yep, just freeze ‘em yourself) or throwing in citrus rinds and cold water is just as effective.

3. Towels
Aside from squashing that whole “higher thread count is better” rumor, luxury linens designer Nancy Koltes also shot down the use of fabric softeners to “clean” towels. “Fabric softeners or worse, fabric softener sheets, function by putting a coating on fabrics which cannot be removed, rendering towels in particular less absorbent.”

4. Humidifiers
Using a humidifier helps prevent congestion in the winter and alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis, but it can also do serious damage (like give you the flu or another serious lung infection) if you’re not cleaning it regularly and the right way. Instead of just changing the water every so often, the Mayo Clinic advises changing the water in the tank daily, cleaning your humidifier every three days and making sure the surrounding area is dry. Make sure to deep clean your humidifier at least once a month by taking everything apart and scrubbing it with white vinegar.

5. Pet hair
Pet hair can be one of the biggest nuisances in cleaning your home and despite daily cleanings, you might not always get up all the hair and fur you want to. One of the best tricks in the book is to wet a pair of rubber gloves and run it over furniture — ensuring you get everything the vacuum, tape and lint rollers did not.

6. Workout clothes
If you think you’re really washing the smell out of your workout clothes by simply using detergent, think again. Donna Smallin, author of The One-Minute Cleaner Plain & Simple, told HuffPost’s OWN that she recommends adding white vinegar and baking soda to kill the smelly bacteria. Put clothes in the washer as your normally would, adding vinegar the first time you run the load. After one wash, use a half-cup of baking soda, and then throw clothes into the dryer.

7. Red wine stains
Contrary to popular belief, using white wine to get out red wine stains isn’t the best option for cleaning them up. Instead, Ingrid Johnson, Professor and Assistant Chairperson of Textile Development and Marketing at the Fashion Institute Of Technology, told us to sprinkle salt on freshly-spilled wine before blotting it up, and oxi products for old red wine stains that have already dried.

8. Coffeemakers
Instead of cleaning out coffeemakers with hot water (or worse, coffee) every so often, Carolyn Forté, director of the Home Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, told us, “The carafe, lid and filter basket should be cleaned daily with warm, sudsy water.” This advice also applies to cleaning Keurigs, though Forté recommends running white vinegar through the machine every few months as well.

9. Knives
Are you one of those people that thinks just about anything can go in the dishwasher? If so, your sharp knives are getting duller by the wash. Make sure to take anything that’s not dishwasher safe (yes, that includes those knives) and hand wash them with warm water and soap.

10. Sheets
It’s estimated that people spend about one-third of their lives asleep, which means we have to try even harder to keep our bedding extra clean. While we thought washing our sheets once a week was acceptable, for those who eat or snack in bed, one expert told us that wasn’t nearly enough. According to Kadi Dulude, the owner of top New York City cleaning service Wizard Of Homes, those who eat in bed will want to wash your sheets at least every three days. source: huffingtonpost.com

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Chesterfield MO Maids

Chesterfield MO Maids – Scrubily (636) 326-2532

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Maid

Chesterfield MO MaidsCleanliness is so important, not only for the aesthetics of a clean home or office, but for numerous other reasons. About 22% of Americans say they believe their carpets may be even dirtier than their toilet seat, and yet only 55% are deep cleaning them every six months as the Environmental Protection Agency recommends. Hiring an experienced maid service will ensure you stay healthy, stress-free, and have more time to do what you love. Read on for three of the benefits!

Less Illness
Did you know that for employees working in a clean office, there is an 80% reduced risk of catching a cold or influenza? When the places where you live, work, and play are clean, you will be healthier overall. This means less missed days, and more time to do what you want to! Even small things such as dust can cause respiratory issues, so hiring a dependable maid service will ensure you’re in top shape!

Less Stress
Numerous studies have shown that if we work in a cluttered or dirty space, we’re likely to be much less productive than if the space was clean. If you’re having trouble focusing on your work, you may just need a quick clean up to regain your focus! When you get more work done, you’ll be less stressed over time.

More Time
Cleaning an apartment or home can take hours that many just don’t have. Hiring someone to help you out will save the time you would have spent cleaning and allow you to put time into more important things. Whether that’s more work, school, or exercise, you’ll be able to do it with less stress.

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source: mycustommaids.com

Fenton MO Cleaning Service

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How to Stop Making These 5 Common Cleaning Mistakes

1. Working With Too Much Product

Many people assume that when it comes to household cleaners, more equals better. However, this simply isn’t the case. Using too much product can over-saturate cleaning materials, like microfiber cloths, which can leave streaks. In addition, you’ll spend more time cleaning over-spray than you will windows, countertops or baseboards.

The fix: Remember that a little cleaning solution goes a long way, and that it’s easier to add more cleaner than to mop up excess.

2. Using a Dirty Cloth

If you’re working with dirty materials, you may as well not even bother cleaning. Soiled cloths or sponges won’t do you any favors, as they just spread grease and grime around surfaces, rather than removing it. In addition to being gross, it can also be unhealthy.

The fix: Make sure you work with a clean cloth from the get-go. In addition, rinse sponges or freshen cloths as needed if you’re working on large-scale housekeeping projects, like cleaning the freezer or light fixtures.

3. Being Poorly Organized

One of the most common cleaning mistakes is lack of organization. After all, rummaging around trying to figure out which cabinet the baking soda is in or where you last used your spray bottle of vinegar is nothing more than a waste of time.

The fix: Keep cleaning supplies in a set place so you don’t have to dash through the house hunting them down. Start by knowing where and how to properly store your cleaners and tools. If possible, keep them in or close to the room where you’ll be using them. And if you need to keep them up high or out of sight because you have young children or pets, you can still organize them so that they’re easy to find.

In addition, you can always create a cleaning caddy that holds your most used supplies, such as microfiber cloths, a spray bottle of vinegar, dishwashing liquid, an old toothbrush and so forth.

4. Using the Wrong Cleaning Products or Tools

One excellent way to flat-out waste your time and energy is to use the incorrect cleaner or housekeeping tool for your household chores. If you’re using the wrong solution or tool, chances are the area you’re focusing on will not be properly cleaned. What’s more, using the incorrect cleaner can damage parts of your home. Vinegar, for example, can etch stone surfaces, leaving them permanently scarred.

The fix: To avoid this cleaning mistake, make certain you know which cleaners to use where, as well as what tools you’ll need from room to room. The following tips from Merry Maids can point you in the right direction.

5. Not Maintaining a Routine Housekeeping Schedule

One of the biggest cleaning mistakes many people make is failing to keep a set cleaning schedule. True, this is easier said than done when you’re rushing about trying to get the kids ready for school or wondering if you’ll have time to finish that PowerPoint presentation before your afternoon meeting.

Nonetheless, leaving cleaning to the weekend results in all your chores piling up on one another. And when that happens, tidying up can seem overwhelming, meaning you’re more likely to put it off again…and again…and again…

The fix: Ease housekeeping into your daily routine so that you don’t feel like laundry and vacuuming are taking over your life. Here are several posts that may give you some ideas as to how you can work a bit of tidy time into your day.

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source: merrymaids.com

Creve Coeur Maid Service

Creve Coeur Maid Service – Scrubily (636) 326-2532

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Top 8 Dangerously Toxic Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid

Creve Coeur Maid Service
Creve Coeur Maid Service – Scrubily

Many people have no idea that, in an average household, there are some 62 (or more) toxic cleaning chemicals lurking in their house. It’s ironic how these cleansers are supposed to keep us safe from dangerous bacteria and germs but they are deadly toxins themselves! Of course, we assume they are safe, because, after all, isn’t this America? Aren’t these things tested before they are sold?

Manufacturers will tell you that, in small amounts, their products are safe. The problem is in a word called accumulation. It’s not as if we are only using one product every now and then. Think about the number of times you whip out that bottle of window cleaner, antibacterial soap, air fresheners, even toilet paper, every week? These chemicals accumulate in our bodies and there have been no studies done to see what happens when we mix these deadly toxins inside our bodies.

Although in today’s world it’s simply impossible to eliminate your exposure entirely, but you can significantly reduce your exposure level. Take a look at the top 8 most toxic chemicals in your cleaning products. Dump these for safer alternatives and protect the health of your family.

1. Sodium Hydroxide

Found in drain openers and oven cleaners. You probably know this chemical by its more common name of lye. Sodium hydroxide is very corrosive. It causes severe burns should you come into contact with it. Inhaling even a small amount can cause throat irritation for days.

Avoid this chemical and use a paste made with baking soda instead. It only takes a bit more scrubbing to clean your oven with this mixture. You can clean out drains with a mixture of one cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar. This works much better than you can imagine and it’s body and environmentally friendly. Read also about lemons and baking soda

2. Phthlalates

Although you won’t actually see this word on the label, however, anytime you see the word “fragrance” or “parfum”, then that product contains this toxic chemical. You will find this in air fresheners, dish soap, laundry detergents, toilet paper, and fabric softeners, just to name a few. Due to copyright laws, manufacturers don’t have to tell you exactly what is in their scents.

This chemical is a known hormone disruptor, which means that it leads to reproductive problems such as low sperm count in men. Studies show that men with high levels of phthalates in their blood had lower sperm counts, according to the CDC. Although this chemical is mainly inhaled, you can also absorb it through the skin by using scented soaps.

Whenever possible, choose all natural, organic products or choose fragrance free options. Avoid those plug in or aerosol air fresheners and use natural essential oils instead. You can also add some plants to your home which naturally clean the air of toxins.

3. Chlorine

Commonly found in toilet cleaners, laundry whitening agents, mildew removers, cleansers, even tap water.

There are so many ways you can get exposed to this chemical! It’s absorbed through the skin, not only from cleaning agents but if it’s used in your city’s water supply to kill bacteria, you are literally showering in chlorine. You can also inhale the fumes when cleaning. It’s an acute irritant when inhaled but on top of all this, it’s a major source of thyroid dysfunction.

Use baking soda or Bon Ami for scrubbing sinks, pots, pans, and toilets. You can also use vinegar to clean toilets, and a mixture of borax and vinegar to whiten clothes naturally. There is also an oxygen bleach that is chlorine free that is now sold in many supermarkets. To reduce your exposure even further, use a whole house filtration system.

4. Perchloroethylene AKA Perc

This chemical is often used in carpet and upholstery cleaners, spot removers, and dry cleaning solutions.

Perc is a well-known neurotoxin as well as a possible carcinogen, according to the EPA. There have been numerous reports of people who live in buildings where dry cleaners are located that have stated they have symptoms of dizziness, loss of coordination, and other types of symptoms. These complaints have been so pervasive that the EPA has ordered that all perc machines to be removed from residential buildings by 2020. The State of California has gone even further and has said that they will no longer allow perc use in their state by 2023 due to health risks. Most people are exposed through inhalation, the smell on clothes that have been freshly dry cleaned or fumes that hang around after having your carpet, drapes, and furniture professionally cleaned.

You can avoid this by taking clothes, curtains, even small rugs that are marked as “dry clean only”, to wet cleaners, which use cleaners that are water based, not solvent based. Always ask your dry cleaner which method they use. Instead of chemical spot removers, simply rub some undiluted castile soap right on the stain before laundering.

5. Ammonia

You will often find this in polishing products for sinks, bathroom fixtures, glass cleaners, and jewelry cleaners.

Ammonia does not leave streaks and evaporates quickly, which is why it’s a common ingredient in window cleaners and other types of cleaners where we want shiny, streak free surfaces. That shiny surface has a price, however, as ammonia is a powerful irritant, especially for those who have lung problems, breathing problems, asthma, or the elderly. Ammonia is almost always inhaled when it’s used. People who are exposed to ammonia regularly, such as maids or housekeepers at hotels, often develop asthma or chronic bronchitis. If mixed with bleach, it creates a deadly gas that kills.

If you still want those shiny surfaces, use vodka! It makes a super reflective shine on anything metal or on any mirrored surface such as glass. If you want to polish your silverware, use non-gel toothpaste, it works like magic!

6. Triclosan

This is an antibacterial agent that is found in almost any liquid marked “antibacterial”, such as hand soap, dish soap, body wash, shampoo, even toothpaste!

Although it’s true that Triclosan is an aggressive antibacterial compound, it actually has promoted the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria. These antibacterial, antimicrobial soaps don’t make us any heathier, or safer, rather, they are creating new dangers in the forms of “super bugs”. Triclosan is also a serious hormone disruptor for women. Numerous studies have found that there are now dangerously high concentrations of triclosan in streams and rivers, where it kills algae. The EPA is currently investigating if triclosan is a possible carcinogen.

You can use any soap to kill germs. Look for natural soaps, not ‘washes’ or ‘beauty cleansers’. The shorter the list of ingredients, the more natural the soap is. If you like using hand sanitizers, use ones that are alcohol based, and do not contain triclosan.

7. 2-Butoxyethanol

You find this product in items listed as “multi-purpose” cleaners, kitchen cleaners, and window cleaners.

This is the main ingredient in many all-purpose cleaners and it’s generally recognized by its sweet smell. This chemical belongs to a group of toxins called glycol ethers, which are solvents you don’t want to mess around with. Unfortunately, laws don’t force manufacturers to list this ingredient on the label, even though the on the EPA’s website it’s known to cause sore throats, pulmonary edema, liver and kidney damage, and narcosis. If you use this cleaner in a closed area, such as a bathroom, you could easily inhale more than what is legally allowed in most workplaces.

A much safer choice would be to clean windows with vinegar and newspapers. Bon Ami powder is a safe choice for kitchen counters, as is baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils.

8. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, AKA Quats

This is another type of antibacterial/antimicrobial and has similar problems as triclosan. Besides breeding superbugs, this chemical is a skin irritant. A 10 year study showed that contact dermatitis was connected to quats. There is also evidence that even healthy people develop asthma after regular exposure to quats.

You find this in products labeled antibacterial or antimicrobial, liquid fabric softeners, dry sheets, and many household cleaners.

Read the label carefully! You don’t need expensive, potentially toxic fabric softeners to keep clothes free from static or to make them soft, vinegar, plain old white vinegar, does the same thing and no, your clothes will not smell like vinegar afterwards! Vinegar removes soap buildup, stops static cling, helps to keep clothes bright, and is completely nontoxic!

Extra Tip:

If you should see a cleaning product with a big label that says “green”, “biodegradable”, or “all natural”, that doesn’t mean it’s nontoxic. This terminology is called “green washing”, and an environmental consulting firm, TerraChoice, found that at least 95 percent of “green” products had at least one toxic chemical in their ingredients. For example, saying a product has “natural ingredients” means it can be made of mostly water. Also, CFC-free doesn’t mean much since it’s illegal to sell things with CFC. Also, pay attention to words like “completely biodegradable”, well, almost everything is biodegradable if given enough time. A plastic bottle is biodegradable in, oh, a thousand years, or so, right? Look for labels that say something like “Biodegrades within 14 days.” source: naturalon.com

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Chesterfield MO Maid Services

Chesterfield MO Maid Services – Scrubily (636) 326-2532

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Benefits of Using a Maid Service

Chesterfield MO Maid ServicesLet’s be honest, nobody takes pleasure in cleaning. It is tedious and messy, two words no one uses when trying to say something good about something. Which is why many opt for using a maid service. Yet, whether it is for cost reasons or just plain stubbornness, people continue to take on the task themselves. Sure you can save money, but is the quality of your own cleaning equal to spotless and sparkling clean? Probably not.

Maid services have been around forever for a reason, which is by simply just making your life easier. Aside from making your life a walk at the park, there are plenty of other benefits of using a maid service:

High Quality and Efficiency

When you are a newbie at cleaning, it is totally easy to miss spots and probably take an entire day to get it done. When opting for a maid service you get the best quality and efficiency you can possibly get. Maids are trained and very experienced in what they do. They clean properties for a living and know what they are doing on every visit, almost never missing a spot and doing it all in a couple of hours.

More Time

By hiring a maid service, you open up your availability to do other things. Perhaps finishing reading that book or going to check out that art gallery everyone has been talking about.

Dirty Bathrooms

It goes without say that bathrooms are gross after going for a while not getting cleaned. I personally dread cleaning my bathroom. Instead of dealing with your dirty bathroom on your own and probably doing a bad cleaning job on it because you might do it hurriedly, a maid service will use the best products they know are effective and leave that bathroom cleaner and whiter than ever.

Windows and Floors

You don’t need to hire a professional window or floor cleaner, maid services, and we are mostly speaking for ourselves offer window cleaning and floor cleaning (hardwood and carpet.)

Honestly, I’m all for doing things yourself to save money, but when it comes to cleaning, you are better off dealing with a maid service who will not only clean better than you but save you the strain and time of trying to do it yourself.

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Ladue House Cleaners

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Housekeeping myths that keep your home dirty

A typical six-room home accumulates 40 pounds of dust every year. On average, you spend about 2.5 hours a week cleaning your home. By learning the truth behind these six household cleaning misconceptions, you may save time cleaning and you will be better prepared to make your cleaning efforts more effective.

Myth #1 — A mop and broom are the best tools for cleaning.

Not necessarily. A high-performance vacuum, used correctly, removes more dirt from hard floors than does a mop or broom. In fact, mops and brooms only push dirt around.

What to do: A high-quality vacuum removes dirt from floors and surfaces and captures it in a HEPA filter. As a bonus, vacuuming your hard floors can also cut down on the amount of time it takes to clean them.

Myth #2 — Frequent vacuuming will ruin your carpets.

Actually, the opposite is true. Regular vacuuming will help protect and extend the life of your carpet. That’s because grit and dust is abrasive and will ruin carpet fibers as the carpet is stepped on.

What to do: As a rule of thumb, try to vacuum at least once a week; More is better. Use a high-quality HEPA vacuum cleaner, because low-quality systems simply send dust and dirt back into the air.

Myth #3 — Household dust is primarily composed of dead skin cells.

This common belief is not necessarily true. Household dust is a mix of dirt, pet dander, fabric fibers, pollen, dust mites and their droppings, and a variety of other ingredients including human skin flakes.

About a third of household dust comes from indoor sources. The rest is a mix of outdoor dirt and particles.

What to do: Focus on controlling the sources of dust that have the greatest impact. For example, removing shoes just before or upon entering the household will substantially reduce dirt tracked in from outside.

Myth #4 — Dust mites are only found in pillows and bedding.

False. Dust mites and their droppings can spread throughout the home and trigger allergic reactions or asthma in many people. Hundreds of thousands of them may live in your home’s bedding and pillows. But they also live in carpets, drapery and anywhere else where there is household dust. They thrive wherever they can find their favorite food: dead human skin cells.

What to do: Dust mites thrive in humid conditions, so keep the humidity in your home below 50%. Remember that mites and their droppings can spread throughout the house, so consider steam-cleaning carpets throughout the home whenever possible.

Myth #5 — Tobacco smoke isn’t a household dust problem.

Wrong. Residual nicotine and other toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke settle on room surfaces and, once there, become resistant to normal cleaning. This toxic residue, known as third-hand smoke, clings to dust, carpets, walls and other surfaces and continues to build up over time.

What to do: The best way to fight third-hand smoke is to never allow smoking indoors.

Myth #6 — An air cleaner will help reduce household dust.

Not necessarily. It depends on the air cleaner — and many air cleaners (for example, “ionic” air cleaners) don’t remove dust at all. Ionizers electrically charge particles that then stick to walls, TV screens, etc.

What to do: Choose a high-performance air cleaner to dramatically reduce the amount of dust and particles in the air before it settles and becomes surface dust.

When it comes to good housekeeping, a clean home is a healthy home. By knowing the truth about these six housekeeping myths you will be better prepared to fight dirt and dust wherever you find it.

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