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The 13 Things Most People Forget To Clean In Their Home – And How To Best Clean Them

Sure, everything in your house needs a deep scrub every so often. Obvious to-dos are the fridge, baseboards, the oven, and behind the toilet. But there is oh-so much more. Here are 13 things most people forget to clean, and my tips for how to best clean them:

1. Coffee & Tea Stains

With a little vinegar and baking soda, you can clean the stubborn coffee and teas stains out of your favorite mug or thermos. Get the full instructions from DIY Cleaning Products.

2. Your Keurig

It may seem super scary, but there is a simple way to clean your Keurig. We’ve got the instructions here.

3. Outdoor Umbrellas

Every spring, homeowners drag out their patio furniture and give it a good spray and scrub. This year, don’t forget the inside of your umbrella. Over the winter, bugs and creepy crawlies may nest in the folds and any moisture can create a mildewy mess. Do yourself a favor, and scrub the inside of your umbrella with some baking soda and water so they’re aren’t any surprises when you open it for the first time over your guests.

4. Bath Mats

How often do you wash your towels? If you’re like me, about once every week. Towels gets dirty from dirt and epithelials from your body. Guess what? Bath mats do too. Just remember every time you wash your towels to throw your bath mat in as well!

5. Your Iron

Have you ever ruined a shirt because some gunk got on your iron, then subsequently was pressed onto your clothes? I sure have. Thankfully, Thrifty & Chic has a great tutorial, using vinegar & baking soda, to get your iron squeaky clean.

6. Storage Baskets

Often the catch-all for shoes, sports equipment, and pet toys, baskets can acquire a ton of dirt and grime. Next time you’re vacuuming near one, dump it out and suck out any dirt and debris.

7. Your Reusable Bags

If you use reusable bags or totes for groceries, here’s your reminder to give them a wipe (or gently wash) every few months. Different foods can contaminate the bags, and occasionally, there’s a spill. I recommend to make sure to have a bag that’s only used for raw meats. You get a gold star if you do this already.

8. Lamp Bodies & Shades

Sure, you occasionally wipe them with a duster, but did you know the heat from your lamp can cause dirt to stick a little harder? My recommendation: once a month, use a soft attachment on your vacuum to suction off the hard-to-remove dust. Don’t forget the inside of your lamp shade too.

9. Behind Your Faucets

Sure, you wipe them down every time you clean the sink, but every once in a while, scrub around your entire faucets with an old toothbrush. Simply make a paste with baking soda and vinegar and scrub away. You’ll be amazed (or disgusted) at what comes off.

10. Your Vacuum

This little guy spends its entire life cleaning for you, why don’t help him out by making sure he’s clean too? Daily Mom has simple step- by-step instructions. All you need is a can of compressed air, water, dish soap + some paper towels, scissors and a flathead screwdriver.

11. Your Humidifier

Proper humidity in your home can help lessen the symptoms of the cold. But when you combine water and heat to make steam, that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Apartment therapy recommends cleaning your humidifier about once a month when frequently being used. Here is their great DIY steps on how to clean your humidifier.

12. Your Remotes

Lots of items in your home may have a remote – the TV, DVD player, XBox, Amazon Fire, ceiling fans, the list goes on. To clean, start by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush then gently wipe with rubbing alcohol.

13. Heat & AC Vents

Once every few months, you should clean your air vents. I typically like to do this the same time I’m vacuuming my baseboards – I’ve already got the soft attachment hooked up, so it’s a simple thing to add. Cleaning the vents that blow (and return) air to/from your furnace can help cut down on airborne dust particles in your home.

Got a floor vent that you can easily pull up? Turn it over and use the vacuum to clean the air flappers. You’d be surprised how much dusts collects there (much like the top of your fan blades). source:

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