5 Misconceptions About Housecleaning Services: How to Have Your Cleaners Love You!

House Cleaning St LouisKeeping up a home can be challenging in today’s world. Face it, few of us really meet the standards of June Cleaver when it comes to housekeeping with that perfectly coiffed hair, ironed dress and smile on her face as she beckons “The Beaver” home for dinner.

The good news is none of us need to be June Cleaver to enjoy the benefits of a clean home. Hiring a cleaning service can solve all our problems – okay, most of our problems. But solving some problems is a good start and will eventually lead to less clutter, sending out bills on time and possibly, even world peace.

If you are about to hire a house cleaning professional, understand there are some misconceptions about services that should be set straight. Just like Mrs. Cleaver needed Mr. Cleaver to set “The Beaver” straight.

House Cleaning Services Are Expensive

Once upon a time, having a maid or butler was reserved for the rich and famous who were too busy shaking another martini to deal with dishes. But today, you can find reasonable cleaning services, tailor how often they come and what tasks are prioritized. Customizing cleaning services makes it affordable for most home budgets. Plus the time you save on cleaning the toilets is truly time you might actually shake something – martinis, dance moves, whatever floats your boat.

House Cleaners Don’t Care About the Mess

We understand life is hectic, but the fact is leaving laundry piles in the bedroom, stacked up dishes with caked on food in the sink and kid’s toys on the stairs is not something your cleaner has time to deal with during their regular visit.

They are pros and will be polite, of course, but these messes can make their job more difficult. Not only does clutter make the job more difficult, it adds time to the task.

Take 30 minutes or so to clear any messes that aren’t covered in the cleaning arrangement made with your service. The cleaners will love you for this and it allows them to do a better job with the details.

Pets Don’t Get in the Way

Yes, Fifi is adorable. Everyone loves your dog.  I don’t even know your dog and I love your dog. But Fifi might not get along with your cleaners. They are making a ruckus in her home and might resemble thieves stealing her long-proliferated piles of dog hair accumulated under the sofa.

Even if your dog isn’t hostile to the cleaners, letting them run around while the cleaning service is working can be a hassle. There is nothing like an inefficient system of avoiding the dog behind you every time you step back with the mop. What happens if a door is left open a moment too long while they take the trash out? Set up a puppy play date or confine Fifi for the duration of the cleaning. Everyone is safer and happier.

“Unless you are certain that your pet will be comfortable with strangers in the home and will stay out of the way, it’s best to put them up when you know your housekeeper will be working.” – Home Maids Better

They Can Wait

Your house cleaners are there to work and they schedule a specific time to be at your home for a specified number of hours. They typically only get paid when they are cleaning. When they show up and you aren’t home to let them in because Elaine from the pedicure spa said she could squeeze you in, it can affect their paycheck negatively.

Give your cleaning crew enough time to deal with schedule alterations. Everyone understands that life happens and sometimes the regular schedule just won’t work.  They just ask for enough time to rearrange their schedule so they aren’t left without funds they expected to earn. It may be as simple as them cleaning another home and then coming back to yours later.

Cleaners Don’t Have Time to Talk

Saying, “Hello” and asking your cleaning crew how their week is going is always welcome by our cleaning crews. Everyone likes it when the barista asks if they want extra foam on that latte. People like to be recognized and are happier in the process. Happier house cleaners are simply better housecleaners.

It can work to your advantage too. By befriending and appreciating the cleaners, they are more apt to impress you with their cleaning skills.

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Sun Coast Maids Help & FAQs


How do I create a Scrubily Account?

You can call us to start service or use our easy online booking and account management tools. You can update your future appointments, pay invoices, and give feedback on your cleaning visits.

Do you service my area?

Right now Scrubily serves parts of Saint Louis county, but we plan to expand and serve more regions soon.

What is included in a standard cleaning?

Think of a standard cleaning as maintenance for your home. We are going to dust throughout your home, clean your kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum and mop, and spot clean and wipe surfaces as needed. It is a thorough cleaning but won't include any wet washing of woodwork, changing linens, washing windows, interior of cabinets or closets, or interior of appliances. All of those tasks and more can be added for a small additional fee.

How much will it cost?

Our pricing is completely up front. You can see it all on our booking page when you select the configuration of your home. Bear in mind these are best guesses, and if your home needs additional cleaning services beyond normal maintenance cleaning, it will be additional.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

We bring everything needed to provide you with a great cleaning experience.

Can I request special tasks or extras?



Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Yes. We hire and train only the best people to clean your home.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

Your cleaning is 100% guaranteed. If something is not right, let us know within 24 hours and we will come back and make it right.

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Absolutely. We use the highest industry standards for data security and securing your privacy.

Do the cleaning professionals go through a background check?


What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

If something is not up to your standards after your cleaning is completed, let us know within 24 hours. We will come back and make it right. Guaranteed.

What is your refund policy?

We don't typically provide any kind of refund as we provide a service that is non returnable. We will however stand behind your cleaning visit and correct any and all issues that you had with your cleaning that should have been performed to our and your standards the first time.