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Fenton MO Residential Cleaners

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5 common cleaning mistakes — and how to fix them

Here are some of the top cleaning sins the study found to be common — and how to change those messy ways:

Fenton MO Residential CleanersChanging sheets once a month. We get it. Stripping the bed, stuffing the sheets in the washer and dryer, then remaking the bed is annoying. But, as Good Housekeeping Meaghan Murphy told TODAY earlier this year, it needs to be done weekly. Our tip: Set a routine so that the same time every week, those sheets come off and get in the washer. Or swing by a discount home store and pick up a spare set so you can rotate between two pairs.

Expired food in the refrigerator. Are you guilty of leaving that container of cream cheese in your fridge a tad too long? Avoid this stinky, germ trap by clearing out expired food every time you grocery shop — before adding the fresh food into the fridge. If your fridge needs a deeper clean, consider these tips that will get that fridge spick and span in 15 minutes.

Leaving stains in the microwave. While we’re in the kitchen, step over to the microwave. Is last month’s spaghetti dinner still leaving its mark on the appliance’s interior? Follow these incredibly easy instructions to clean your microwave in minutes.

Not vacuuming the stairs. Unfortunately, this task does involve picking up the vacuum with each step. But it may be worth picking up a handheld vacuum to make this task easier and quicker. And make vacuuming last with these tips.

Dust on the television. Check the frame of your TV. Is it covered with flecks? Don’t bother picking up the towel and cleaning spray. One of our favorite tricks is using a Swiffer cloth. Swipe it across areas that need dusting. Quick, easy and effective! source:

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Ladue MO Maid Service

Ladue MO Maid Service – Scrubily (636) 326-2532

If you are in need of a Ladue MO Maid Service, please contact Scrubily at (636) 326-2532 for a free estimate. You may also click here to get a free quote online.

4 Benefits of Hiring a Maid Service

Ladue MO Maid ServiceWhen it comes to cleaning many homeowners simply don’t have the time or are physically unable to clean and maintain a home. The perfect solution to these common problems is to hire a maid service. A maid service provides you with basic house cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Here are four ways you can benefit from hiring a maid service.

Perfect for a busy schedule: Time is a valuable resource and keeping up with cleaning tasks around the home can be very time consuming. If you simply don’t have time to clean, your list of cleaning chores can become very overwhelming. A Maid service will save you time spent on cleaning and will help you manage your cleaning chores.

Regular Basis Cleaning: Keeping your home clean requires constant upkeep, hiring a maid service will make sure cleaning gets done on time and on a regular basis. Such cleaning tasks like regular basis vacuuming are important for maintaining the longevity of your carpets. Scheduling a regular basis maid service ensures your house will be clean and maintained.

Experience: When you hire a maid service you are also hiring experienced and professional cleaners. Experienced cleaners know how to clean effectively and efficiently. Cleaning a house isn’t easy, but the more experience the cleaner has the more you can rely on them to do a good job cleaning your home.

Custom Cleaning: Maid service plans don’t have to involve an entire house cleaning. Maid services can be used to clean areas of your home that require more frequent cleaning such as the living room and the kitchen. This can help you save money spent on cleaning the rooms of your home that do not get dirty and disorganized as frequently as others. source:

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