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5 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making

St. Louis Maid Service These everyday slip-ups may seem like no big deal—but your health could be paying the price

Common cleaning blunders

Sure, we all want a germ-free home. But when we’re short on time (and really, when aren’t we?), too often we rush the job, leaving icky germs behind, or misuse cleaners, causing everything from skin irritation to dangerous respiratory reactions.

Fortunately, you can correct the most common mistakes and limit your exposure to toxins, leaving your home with a healthy sparkle. Here, five familiar slip-ups, and how the experts say to fix them.

1. You rush the job

If you spray cleanser and immediately wipe it away, chances are you’re leaving germs behind.
“The cleanser surrounds soil particles and lifts or emulsifies them,” explains Debra Johnson, training manager at Merry Maids, a nationwide cleaning company. “Allowing the product to sit gives it the chance to finish the job.” Disinfecting agents need this “dwell” or “contact” time to maximize their ability to kill bacteria and other microscopic organisms, adds Robert Orenstein, DO, a Mayo Clinic infectious disease researcher. The surface germs you miss could include foodborne bacteria like Salmonella and the parasites responsible for toxoplasmosis.

The healthy move: Observe the dwell time on the label—the EPA requires household disinfectant manufacturers to print this information, and other cleaners often include it as well. Although some products (like soap scum remover) need only 2 to 3 minutes, others can require 60 or more, says Johnson. Some pet stain removers may need several days, while most multisurface cleaners require 60 seconds.

2. You mix cleansers

Combining certain cleaners can have risky results.
“When bleach and acids found in many toilet cleansers and bathroom scrub products come in contact, for example, they create chlorine gas, a highly toxic substance that was used as a chemical weapon in World War I,” says Donna Duberg, an assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at Saint Louis University. “Anytime you mix the two, you could pass out—and in an enclosed space, this error could be fatal.” Another dangerous move? Mixing bleach and ammonia, which can inflame your airways and damage the lining of your lungs, says Clive Davies, chief of the Design for the Environment program at the EPA. His advice: Never mix any cleansers.

The healthy move: Use one product at a time, and choose the least toxic option. For instance, while you need heavy cleaners for tough jobs such as removing mold and grease, you don’t need harsh chemicals for surfaces, like countertops and tables. Duberg suggests trying a solution of 10% vinegar in water, which is 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and “leaves a nice shine.” (Make your own effective green cleaners with these 7 easy eco-friendly recipes.)

3. You skip the rubber gloves

Even healthy skin absorbs chemicals from cleaning products.
Its permeability is one of the reasons birth control and nicotine patches are so effective. According to Davies, the surfactants (wetting agents that allow the cleanser to carry away soils) in many cleaners can make it easier for toxic substances to work their way below your skin. “A class of common solvents called ethylene glycol ethers can damage red blood cells, kidneys, and the liver and could potentially cause cancer,” he says. These substances were found to cause adverse reproductive and developmental effects in a 2008 study from the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland.

The ingredients in some household cleansers may also trigger contact dermatitis, causing inflamed and swollen skin, as well as chapping and cracking. “These breaches provide a direct route for bacteria and chemicals to enter your bloodstream,” says Howard Sobel, MD, a New York City–based dermatologist.

The healthy move: Wear gloves—either disposable latex or reusable rubber ones, suggests Johnson. And use a different color for each task (for example, reserve green for dishwashing, yellow for cleaning your bathroom) to avoid cross-contamination.

4. You don’t wash pillows and comforters

We all know that washing linens kills dust mites—microscopic critters that feed on protein, like human hair and skin cells.
But we often ignore the other places they thrive, such as pillows, comforters, and duvets. Not only can dust mites, dander, and pollen worsen allergy and asthma symptoms, but contact with contaminated clothes and bedding can also aggravate skin conditions like eczema, says a 2008 study from the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

The healthy move: Wash sheets weekly in hot water (140°F or above); launder or dry-clean pillows, duvets, and comforters at least once a month, recommends Gary Rachelefsky, MD, a professor of allergy and immunology at UCLA. Keep heavier items from losing their shape by tossing a clean tennis shoe in the dryer to prevent lumping. If you have down bedding, consider switching to synthetic—feathers are another food source for dust mites.

5. You get carried away with spray

While it’s easy to get trigger-happy on big messes, more isn’t always better.
“Many cleaners are very toxic, so overusing them can create an unhealthy environment,” says Duberg. “Too much spray means more aerosols coming in contact with mucous membranes through the eyes, nose, and mouth. This can irritate the linings of airways and lungs and cause allergic responses.” People who use spray cleansers at least once a week are 49% more likely to report asthma symptoms than those who don’t use them at all, says a 2007 study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The study also found that applying cleaners directly on a rag didn’t cause noticeable symptoms.

The healthy move: “A few spritzes on a cloth is probably adequate for most jobs,” says Laura Handrick, vice president of innovation for The Maids Home Services. Wipe the surface afterward with a clean, dry rag to remove product residue. In general, always read the product instructions, which list EPA-mandated warnings and directives. “These may include wearing eye protection or rubber gloves or spraying in a well-ventilated room,” says Duberg. Also, don’t assume a product is harmless because it’s labeled natural, adds Handrick: “Poison ivy is natural too. Read the label, whether it’s ‘green’ or not.” source:

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St. Louis House Cleaners – Scrubily (636) 326-2532

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The 13 Things Most People Forget To Clean In Their Home – And How To Best Clean Them

Sure, everything in your house needs a deep scrub every so often. Obvious to-dos are the fridge, baseboards, the oven, and behind the toilet. But there is oh-so much more. Here are 13 things most people forget to clean, and my tips for how to best clean them:

1. Coffee & Tea Stains

With a little vinegar and baking soda, you can clean the stubborn coffee and teas stains out of your favorite mug or thermos. Get the full instructions from DIY Cleaning Products.

2. Your Keurig

It may seem super scary, but there is a simple way to clean your Keurig. We’ve got the instructions here.

3. Outdoor Umbrellas

Every spring, homeowners drag out their patio furniture and give it a good spray and scrub. This year, don’t forget the inside of your umbrella. Over the winter, bugs and creepy crawlies may nest in the folds and any moisture can create a mildewy mess. Do yourself a favor, and scrub the inside of your umbrella with some baking soda and water so they’re aren’t any surprises when you open it for the first time over your guests.

4. Bath Mats

How often do you wash your towels? If you’re like me, about once every week. Towels gets dirty from dirt and epithelials from your body. Guess what? Bath mats do too. Just remember every time you wash your towels to throw your bath mat in as well!

5. Your Iron

Have you ever ruined a shirt because some gunk got on your iron, then subsequently was pressed onto your clothes? I sure have. Thankfully, Thrifty & Chic has a great tutorial, using vinegar & baking soda, to get your iron squeaky clean.

6. Storage Baskets

Often the catch-all for shoes, sports equipment, and pet toys, baskets can acquire a ton of dirt and grime. Next time you’re vacuuming near one, dump it out and suck out any dirt and debris.

7. Your Reusable Bags

If you use reusable bags or totes for groceries, here’s your reminder to give them a wipe (or gently wash) every few months. Different foods can contaminate the bags, and occasionally, there’s a spill. I recommend to make sure to have a bag that’s only used for raw meats. You get a gold star if you do this already.

8. Lamp Bodies & Shades

Sure, you occasionally wipe them with a duster, but did you know the heat from your lamp can cause dirt to stick a little harder? My recommendation: once a month, use a soft attachment on your vacuum to suction off the hard-to-remove dust. Don’t forget the inside of your lamp shade too.

9. Behind Your Faucets

Sure, you wipe them down every time you clean the sink, but every once in a while, scrub around your entire faucets with an old toothbrush. Simply make a paste with baking soda and vinegar and scrub away. You’ll be amazed (or disgusted) at what comes off.

10. Your Vacuum

This little guy spends its entire life cleaning for you, why don’t help him out by making sure he’s clean too? Daily Mom has simple step- by-step instructions. All you need is a can of compressed air, water, dish soap + some paper towels, scissors and a flathead screwdriver.

11. Your Humidifier

Proper humidity in your home can help lessen the symptoms of the cold. But when you combine water and heat to make steam, that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Apartment therapy recommends cleaning your humidifier about once a month when frequently being used. Here is their great DIY steps on how to clean your humidifier.

12. Your Remotes

Lots of items in your home may have a remote – the TV, DVD player, XBox, Amazon Fire, ceiling fans, the list goes on. To clean, start by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush then gently wipe with rubbing alcohol.

13. Heat & AC Vents

Once every few months, you should clean your air vents. I typically like to do this the same time I’m vacuuming my baseboards – I’ve already got the soft attachment hooked up, so it’s a simple thing to add. Cleaning the vents that blow (and return) air to/from your furnace can help cut down on airborne dust particles in your home.

Got a floor vent that you can easily pull up? Turn it over and use the vacuum to clean the air flappers. You’d be surprised how much dusts collects there (much like the top of your fan blades). source:

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5 Misconceptions About Housecleaning Services: How to Have Your Cleaners Love You!

House Cleaning St LouisKeeping up a home can be challenging in today’s world. Face it, few of us really meet the standards of June Cleaver when it comes to housekeeping with that perfectly coiffed hair, ironed dress and smile on her face as she beckons “The Beaver” home for dinner.

The good news is none of us need to be June Cleaver to enjoy the benefits of a clean home. Hiring a cleaning service can solve all our problems – okay, most of our problems. But solving some problems is a good start and will eventually lead to less clutter, sending out bills on time and possibly, even world peace.

If you are about to hire a house cleaning professional, understand there are some misconceptions about services that should be set straight. Just like Mrs. Cleaver needed Mr. Cleaver to set “The Beaver” straight.

House Cleaning Services Are Expensive

Once upon a time, having a maid or butler was reserved for the rich and famous who were too busy shaking another martini to deal with dishes. But today, you can find reasonable cleaning services, tailor how often they come and what tasks are prioritized. Customizing cleaning services makes it affordable for most home budgets. Plus the time you save on cleaning the toilets is truly time you might actually shake something – martinis, dance moves, whatever floats your boat.

House Cleaners Don’t Care About the Mess

We understand life is hectic, but the fact is leaving laundry piles in the bedroom, stacked up dishes with caked on food in the sink and kid’s toys on the stairs is not something your cleaner has time to deal with during their regular visit.

They are pros and will be polite, of course, but these messes can make their job more difficult. Not only does clutter make the job more difficult, it adds time to the task.

Take 30 minutes or so to clear any messes that aren’t covered in the cleaning arrangement made with your service. The cleaners will love you for this and it allows them to do a better job with the details.

Pets Don’t Get in the Way

Yes, Fifi is adorable. Everyone loves your dog.  I don’t even know your dog and I love your dog. But Fifi might not get along with your cleaners. They are making a ruckus in her home and might resemble thieves stealing her long-proliferated piles of dog hair accumulated under the sofa.

Even if your dog isn’t hostile to the cleaners, letting them run around while the cleaning service is working can be a hassle. There is nothing like an inefficient system of avoiding the dog behind you every time you step back with the mop. What happens if a door is left open a moment too long while they take the trash out? Set up a puppy play date or confine Fifi for the duration of the cleaning. Everyone is safer and happier.

“Unless you are certain that your pet will be comfortable with strangers in the home and will stay out of the way, it’s best to put them up when you know your housekeeper will be working.” – Home Maids Better

They Can Wait

Your house cleaners are there to work and they schedule a specific time to be at your home for a specified number of hours. They typically only get paid when they are cleaning. When they show up and you aren’t home to let them in because Elaine from the pedicure spa said she could squeeze you in, it can affect their paycheck negatively.

Give your cleaning crew enough time to deal with schedule alterations. Everyone understands that life happens and sometimes the regular schedule just won’t work.  They just ask for enough time to rearrange their schedule so they aren’t left without funds they expected to earn. It may be as simple as them cleaning another home and then coming back to yours later.

Cleaners Don’t Have Time to Talk

Saying, “Hello” and asking your cleaning crew how their week is going is always welcome by our cleaning crews. Everyone likes it when the barista asks if they want extra foam on that latte. People like to be recognized and are happier in the process. Happier house cleaners are simply better housecleaners.

It can work to your advantage too. By befriending and appreciating the cleaners, they are more apt to impress you with their cleaning skills.

Need a top rated house cleaning in St. Louis? Book a cleaning online today!

3 Tough Cleaning Tasks And Hacks to Tackle Them

House Cleaning St. LouisThere are some cleaning tasks in the house that just seem harder than others. Like me, you probably don’t want to deal with them either because they seem so arduous. When it comes to tackling these problems, perhaps you’ll seek help from a professional house cleaning company.

In the meantime, here are the five biggest things everyone hates cleaning and the tips that everyone’s grandmother keeps telling me work. (And the experts have confirmed. Go Grams!)

Inside the Oven

I love to cook. I’m told I’m pretty good at it too. That being said, after a marathon day creating a six-course meal, my personal satisfaction dwindles to dismay as I look at the mess left for me to clean, especially the brown crusty stuff found all over the oven and range.  How that much of the roast dripped out no longer matters.

Ideally, you wipe the oven down while it’s still warm. But if that doesn’t happen, it’s time to get serious. After you enjoy your meal, of course.

Mix water and baking soda in a bowl, creating a paste that doesn’t drip.  Clear the racks out of the oven and spread the paste on the oven floor and walls. Give it 24 hours to set and then spray with vinegar, heating the oven on low for 15 to 20 minutes and wipe down.

Tile Grout

You may have just cleaned the shower, following all the rules and using the best products, but it still looks gross. That clean shower with black moldy, mildew build up in the grout will make you want to shower with your eyes closed so you don’t feel dirtier.

There are two ways to tackle the black grime in your shower. The first is an OxiClean paste. Just mix it with a small amount of water, apply, and let it sit for fifteen minutes before rinsing. A toothbrush is a great tool to aid in the cleaning, getting into the minute pockets where the grime hides.

Now this solution works, but for a cleaning hack like myself, it can seem like just too much work. Scrubbing with a toothbrush? What if my son doesn’t realize that’s the cleaning toothbrush and uses it later tonight? Problems!

There is another way. Rent or buy a steam cleaner. Fire up that bad boy and let the steam permeate the grout and kill that grime. Yes, the vapor heat wages war against black yuk! And it wins!

“There are several great residential steam cleaners you can buy or you can go to the local home improvement store and get a heavy duty one.” – Show Me Dust Bunnies

The Tidy Toilet Bowl

Ever fear lifting that lid to clean the toilet seat in your child’s bathroom? I have, every single time. Who would have thought replacing the diaper genie dance with successful toilet training would lead to bathroom anxiety.

The reality is, even if you don’t have a child creating unique potty patterns with the commode, making a tidy bowl a tidy bowl is a job no one likes.  With these hacks, you may even be able to sell that HAZMAT suit. Or maybe just keep it for the memories.

Use cleaning wipes to clean the outside of the bowl and all areas of the seat. You’ll feel great that you can swipe and bag the dirty wipes for disposal. Because the wipes are already moist with cleaning solution, you won’t need to worry about spraying and splattering more of a mess.

Now for that ominous bowl. You can stare at it all you like. But while you stare, drop a couple of seltzer tabs in. This is a different type of “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” for your toilet, but it will work away at the film and stains in the bowl. After 15 minutes, give the bowl a quick scrub and flush. Voila! (Unless, or course, you realize there is a hot wheels car stuck down in the drain. Sorry, you’re on your own.)

For those days when you don’t even want to deal with these hacks, book the best professional house cleaners St. Louis has to offer.